Bring your SLP to Dr. Ortiz for $25!

Hello fellow psychs! If you haven’t heard, Dr. Ortiz is debuting his newest test kit, the Picture Vocabulary Acquisition Test (PVAT) at our 5/4 event.

In my own school district, an SLP is more likely to administer the PVAT than I am.... AND we often work together pretty extensively on ELL assessments. So...

SANDCASP is proud to announce that we are inviting those who register at the SANDCASP Member price to bring their SLP (or other service provider) and we will honor the $25 SANDCASP Member price for their SLP (or other service provider) as well. Just have them use the same registration link you did: There is an additional box for them to enter your name into (so that we know you're together).

Thank you for your support!


Adrienne Garcia, SANDCASP President Elect

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